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    How to make a dropdown list with conditional text color?

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      Hi experts,


      I want to make a dialog to create a conditional text for all opened documents, and let user to choice the conditional text color, I know how to add conditional text to all opened document, but don't know how to make a dropdown list with conditional text color

      Is it possible to get swatches in dropdown list with its color preview? Same like colors in Conditional text Color.


      Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.




              ConditionIndicatorMode.HIDE_INDICATORS Conditions indicators hide. 1698908520 = 'eCIh' 

              ConditionIndicatorMode.SHOW_AND_PRINT_INDICATORS Conditions indicators show and print. 1698908528 = 'eCIp' 

              ConditionIndicatorMode.SHOW_INDICATORS Condition indicators show only. 1698908531 = 'eCIs'


              var eachDoc = app.documents;

              for (var i = 0; eachDoc.length > i; i++){

                  allDoc = eachDoc[i];

                  allDoc.conditionalTextPreferences.showConditionIndicators = 1698908528;


      myCondition = app.documents.everyItem().conditions.add ({name:"Highlight", indicatorMethod:ConditionIndicatorMethod.USE_HIGHLIGHT, indicatorColor:UIColors.gold});