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    InDesign CC Crashes Repeatedly on Startup


      I'm using InDesign CC on a PC running Windows 7. Nearly every time I try to launch an InDesign file via Bridge, it crashes. Here is the crash log:


      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

        Application Name: InDesign.exe

        Application Version:

        Application Timestamp: 5297b4c4

        Fault Module Name: AdobePSL.dll

        Fault Module Version:

        Fault Module Timestamp: 5272de8e

        Exception Code: c000041d

        Exception Offset: 00000000005ff84f

        OS Version: 6.1.7601.

        Locale ID: 1033

        Additional Information 1: 2c19

        Additional Information 2: 2c196bd96ec1701745015a91d55b312d

        Additional Information 3: 0980

        Additional Information 4: 0980929cf63b83cfc6d3e990c165f40d


      Can anyone on the Forum give me an idea about what's causing this? Also, are there any things I can do to fix this? The PC is pretty new (March 2014) and is maintained by our IT guys. It's a Dell Optiplex 9020 with 8GB of RAM.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you able to ope the files using File > Open? Does ID crash when you start it without trying to open a file?

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            zweirad Level 1

            Yes, I can use File > Open without problems. It only seems to occur when I'm opening an InDesign file from Bridge when InDesign isn't open. If I just open InDesign, and then use File > Open, everything seems OK. Also, if ID is open and I use Bridge to find and open a file, everything seems OK. 


            I think part of my question is coming from being a long-time Mac user having to get used to the quirks of Windows. I'm not aware of all the things Windows brings to the equation. My concern was that there was something not correct in the CC setup. However, I don't think that's the issue as the other CC apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, Firefox) work well and don't seem to crash often.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Something is wrong, but it's difficult to say what. Double-clicking a file in either Explorer or Bridge SHOULD open ID and then open the file, just as it did for you on the Mac.