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    Mac 10.9.2

    imjustjanie Level 1

      After the last update on Mac os 10.9.2 end of April - I opened Pagemaker and my whole system crashed after talkign with Apple, I had to erase everything on my hard drive.  I finally got it fixed and re-installed pagemaker cs5 and a few other program that I HAD to have while I was on vacation.  When I got home, I tried installing CC and various programs (pagemaker, indesign, photoshop etc. Had to erase all of the other adobe programs and start from scratch.  Every time I open ANY adobe products all of my "white space" is pink and white vertical striped in EVERY program. Apple mail, contacts etc.  If I completely shut down the computer and then restart everything is fine until I open an adobe product again.  I can't seem to get any help out of Adobe, does any one have any suggestions before I cancel my subscription entirely?


      Thank you in advance,


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're talking about PageMaker but PageMaker hasn't run on a Mac for a very long time. You just be taking about InDesign CS5.


          Further down, you say you may to cancel your subscription. But CS5 was not available by subscription. If you had a subscription it would be to InDesign CC.


          With that confusion, I can make sense of what you have, frankly. However, it sounds like your computer is a compete mess. I would strongly recommend that you backup all your data files from the computer, and erase the hard drive. Then reinstall Mac OS X software. Then reinstall any applications your want to install.

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            imjustjanie Level 1

            Sorry, not pagemaker, but dreamweaver, indesign, photoshop... all Adobe programs.  Everything is perfect until I open one of them. as soon as I quit all of those everything is fine again.

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              imjustjanie Level 1

              And... it's all previous version too now, if I open InDesign CS4 - same thing

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I stand by my previous recommendation: Wipe the computer, and start over.

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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  Steve is right -but seeing as that is what you just did, you may have to be a bit more, you know, forensic about it. In your shoes, I'd make a bit list of all the stuff I wanted to install, then arrange it in chronological release order, and make sure that I was installing in the order in which the software was made. I'd also stop after every install and test things to make sure they still worked. Time-consuming, yes, but it's the best way to ensure that you have a working system.


                  Furthermore, given how fast Mac OS moves, and how little forethought Apple gives to those of us who have long-term projects that span many releases of their operating system, in your shoes I'd think seriously about splitting it up. I often advise people to virtualize installs of Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. so that their software is running on an OS that was developed about the same time.

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                    imjustjanie Level 1

                    Thank you all for your help and suggestion.  So should I even bother (after a clean hard drive) installing previous versions of InDesign, Dreamweaver and Photoshop or just start with the CC versions?

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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Nothing earlier than CS6 is going to be supported under Mavericks and beyond

                      InDesign I see no reason at all to install anything earlier than CC.

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                        Joel Cherney Level 5

                        Well, my work is rather different from Bob's, so I have a different attitude. If I'm working on a project that started as a Pagemaker doc, then it is often very useful to me to be able to go back to PM to perform fixes before importing that file into ID. If you have a lot of Pagemaker files, note that InDesign CC won't open them at al!! So CS6 would be mandatory, if you ever wanted to even look at any of that PM stuff ever again. I actually keep an old mirror-door G4 around with ancient fonts and ancient apps.


                        However, if I were going to use Mavericks as my day-to-day desktop OS, I wouldn't try to load it down with a bunch of old software. I'd use something like VMWare or VirtualBox to run an older OS. Maybe an instance of 10.4 would be a good compromise?


                        I don't know anything about backwards compatibility in Dreamweaver; can't help you there.