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      Hi, i'm new to this forum and Flash. In school , we are learning now to do the basics of flash like layers, frames, symbols, and tweens. After a person came in to talk to us about action script, I am very curious about the possibilities it can generate. I currently am trying to make a game where a single baloon starts to float to the top of the screen. Using a cursur shaped like a needle, you click on the baloon and it pops. On release, it advances to the next balloon. I do not know how in the world I am to do this with out makeing a long movie with balloons floating to the top. Anyway, i have decided that my way is the only way for me to do it in this year.

      Here is my question. I want to make a counter on the left hand top side of the screen. This counter shows the number of balloons you popped. I know you have to make a dynamic text box to show a variable and assign a command that says in english on release, add one to variable a. How would you say this in "actionscript"?