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    Problem with a Topic


      I was just hoping a Forum moderator might have a look at the Topic 'Pros and Cons of using the stage' here
      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=11&catid=187&threadid =1198685&enterthread=y

      Its quite an important topic for me and my company, but it seems to have a bug or problem, in that 3 or 4 posts are duplicated tens of times. As in theres probably only about 8 or so posts, but its saying 187 replies. Could a Moderator have a look, and possibly delete the duplicate posts.

      But the rest is very important to my company and I want to direct our managers there asap, so please dont close it, or delete too many posts. Unless it appears normal for everyone else, but i'm seeing 10 pages of duplicate responses.

      Thanks in advanmce,

      p.s. where should I normally direct a forum problem like this? Is this the correct place?

      p.p.s. thanks for all the responses in that topic, i am following it(where im able), and taking note of all opinions. If theres more, hopfully this cleanup might keep the topic alive.