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    Why are my objects moving past their keyframe mark?

    Ben Zschunke

      I'm trying to create a twitch and slide effect with a company logo coming in and going out of frame. After the first twitch, during the slide, the object moves past it's keyframe, then moves backwards, then forwards again before it's commands to leave the frame.


      I'm using 4 keyframes - The 1st to 2nd is the twitch into frame (Right to Left). 2nd to 3rd a the slow slide (that somehow goes past the 3rd keyframe the goes backwards, passes it a second time, then forwards. Still Right to Left), and the 3rd to 4th is the twitch out of frame (from Right to Left). There is no indication that the speed curves are going below 0 px/sec. I'm using easy ease on all the movements and haven't adjusted the curves to make the twitch effect yet.


      Why is this happening and how do I remedy this?