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    Help optimizing my rig


      Earlier this year I built a computer for video editing, I thought it was a decent build till I start running in to problems with render speeds, media pending for minutes after I open a project, playback issues etc. After reading post from multiple forums I realized build an editing rig a different type of beast and I need help to get the best out of my hardware


      This is my current hardware

      Intel I7-4770k

      Asrock Z87 Extreme4 Intel ATX motherboard

      MSI GTX 660 Twin Froz III Overclocked

      Crucial Ballistix Sport 16gigs DDR3-1600

      EVGA Supernova 750watt bronze power supply

      Hard drives-

      C drive - 2 tb Seagate 7200rpm

      D drive - 1.5 tb Seagate 5400( I think, it only read and write around 65mb)

      F drive - 2 tb Seagate 7200rpm


      I use adobe pp cc, after effects cc, Photoshop cc and want to use Speed grade in the near future.

      I mostly edit AVCHD and dslr footage


      Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated. I know my hard drives are not the best configuration. I want to redo that with a solid state and a couple of new hard drives.

      Please let me know if any other of my components could be slowing down my computer.


      also will my system run better with a internal or external raid configuration