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    jsx scripting of Premiere Pro CC and exportFinalCutProXML

    jadams602 Level 3

      I'm using calls to exportFinalCutProXML in my HTML5 extension for Premiere Pro CC and while this works fine, if the project has effects that don't necessarily translate to FCP, we are forced to see a modal dialog about "Translation Report" with warnings and an "OK" button.

      While I understand the benefit for direct user interaction, it would be nice to be able to disable this dialog from appearing when using jsx scripting and programmatically saving this XML to a file in a script or extension (not to mention the dialogs that show to the user when resaving the project and the 'generating FCP XML...')

      (sort of how we can set an interaction level in the old days with AppleScript etc...)


      PS, does anyone know if the Premiere Pro jsx support is going to get any love in near-future updates. It is quite sparse as it is now.

      Would love to have more direct access to update/add/remove markers without having to mess with XMP and FCPXML import/export hacks.

      Would also love to be able to programmatically reproduce what the current File -> Export -> Markers (as HTML) supports.

      Being able to get at marker object models and possibly be able to programmatically request thumbnail generation for a marker or a given frame.




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          jadams602 Level 3

          Just an update after taking a quick peek at the latest object models of Premiere Pro CC 2014 (8.0) and it looks like Adobe has done some extensive updates to the JavaScript jsx access to Premiere.  In particular to my desires above to avoid using FinalCut Pro XML export/import just to modify markers, it looks like there is now full scriptability on Markers at the Sequence level, with functions like createMarker(), deleteMarker(), getFirstMarker(), etc as well as a Marker class with full access to its properties.


          Hopefully we will be getting some official documentation on all the new elements, but it is great to see this greater exposure to project elements in this latest release. Thanks Adobe!

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            bbb_999 Adobe Employee

            exportAsFinalCutProXML() now has an additional, optional boolean param; if passed 'true', PPro will suppress any warnings/messages.