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    Photoshop CC hangs randomly. Not freezes...hangs. Cannot exit w/o force-quit (Win7 64bit)

    KulorDS Level 1

      Odd issue I've come across recently, not sure how to even describe it. Photoshop will seem to work fine, when randomly I will notice my interactions are not reflecting, or are extremely delayed. I thought it was a graphics card issue, but I've troubleshot that and my card (nvidia 560m) is functioning fine. The most noticible issues are when closing any given document, the tab will close but the layers panel will remain populated. Additionally, I cannot exit photoshop without force-quitting through task manager. Photoshop never becomes unresponsive, it just becomes....less-responsive. Windows event viewer shows no issues to my knowledge. Attached two screen shots...First image shows the layers panel still populated even though there is no open document. Second image shows File>Exit greyed out.