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    Authoring buttons

      I'm new to the online help world, so I'm very inexperienced at this. Please forgive me.
      I am trying to recreate an exising online help created in RH for Word version 4 into RH HTML. I've come across some "buttons" that appear to "click" when the user selects them. A new link or pop-up window then apprears. I can't find a way to insert these, what the previous author calls, "authorable buttons". I have found the Form Element> Plain Button but since this isn't a form, I know it's not the correct choice. I've also tried the "Related Topics" button but I can't find a way to make the button activate a pop-up rather than open a new window.
      Is there a way to do this? For right now, I've just created a graphic that looks somewhat like a button but I would prefer something a bit more professional-looking.
      Any ideas?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          What is the purpose of these buttons? Are you simply just trying to link to another topic and have it displayed in a popup? If so, you can just add a hyperlink and choose the popup option.
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            WendyCh Level 1
            Yes, I want to make a hyperlink, either to a new window or a pop-up, but I would like the apprearance of a "clickable button". The graphic would change and look like the button is being depressed when the user clicks on it. Is there a way to add this (similar to the "Related Topics" button feature)?