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    Effect Controls Palette - Docking

    harrisonlee Level 1

      Is there any way to open an existing project and have the exact window layout be the same as when you quit the project? IE, if I have multiple Effect Controls windows open when I quit a project, how do I have those same windows open when I open the project again?  Toolbars and UI panels keep their place, but not Effect Controls.


      I have a Null object that contains a handful of Expression Controls (sliders, checkbox controls).  I adjust these controls by using the Effect Controls palette when I have the Null object selected.  I know how to open multiple Effect Controls windows and even lock my Null object Effect Control window so that it is always open and I can adjust my controls without specifically selected my Null object layer.  The problem I run into is when I restart After Effects and open up my project, my Effects Control palette always resets to a single unlocked palette and I have to manually reset up my Effect Control windows (open multiple instances of Effect Control windows, lock my Null object Effect Controls window, etc).  If I save my workspace exactly how I want it, when I restart After Effects, the Effects Controls palette setup does not stick like it was before quitting/restarting.  For this specific project, I always want my Null object Effect Controls window/palette to be open and locked, but every time I restart, I lose my setup.  Any suggestions?





      Mac OS 10.7.5

      2x2.4ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon

      24gb RAM