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    License for Robohelp

    CPortals Level 1
      I have Robohelp X5 installed on two PCs. I want to install it on a third machine. If I uninstall RoboHelp from one of the two machines, does this take care of the de-activation also. If no, then what is the procedure to release the license from the PC where RoboHelp is uninstalled. Help appreciated.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          All you have to do is install RH on the 3rd PC and activate it in the normal manner. By uninstalling it from the 1st or 2nd PC you are in effect deactivating it. By the way, normally licences only allow installation on a PC and a laptop located away from the PC (to allow the application's use whilst away from the office). Not sure if this is the case with RH.
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            CPortals Level 1
            I read on the Adobe site that uninstall does not release the activation key and uses up a license, and there is something called "transfer of software license" which is required to be done. There is no further information on how all this work or what Iam required to do. If I simply uninstall RH from the PC will it free the license I have used while activation?
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              RH6 has tighter activation in line with what is on Adobe's site. For X5 it is as Colum describes. As to what PCs you install on, it doesn't have to be a laptop. My understanding is that the same user (the key bit) can install on two PCs but they must not be in simultaneous use.

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