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    dreamweaver extensions for CF11



      I wonder if ADOBE intend to make available extensions for the new tags in CF 11 for dreamweaver.

      I must admit I am struggling to find any information and adobe seem to be very disconnected at the moment.

      ps I know there is CF builder but I am a web developer, 80% of my code is html, css, js and I need a web development IDE.

      so I want to continue using dreamweaver (if possible)

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          haxtbh Level 4

          I would say its probably unlikely they will.


          They have been trying to drive people away from Dreamweaver when it comes to ColdFusion development for a while. Ben Forta posted this on his blog last year to explain: Ben Forta | Blog


          The new release of CF Builder has made it a lot easier for me to transition while still allowing for front end development.


          Still CF 11 is very new and they may still give Dreamweaver users something.