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    How do I access xml data

    DHMerritt Level 1

      Good Day All


      I have retrieved data from a server i.e. it is an XML document. The document looks like this:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


           -<status code="invalid">

                <no-access user-id="7300" account-id="7"/>




      What would the code look like?


      Is this correct? accountId=event.result.common.account.@["account-id"]; In my code I can access account-id but if I use the same code I cannot access user-id i.e. accountId=event.result.common.account.@["user-id"]; does not work

      Or how do you access code?

      Obviously I am doing something wrong. Can you help me out or send me to documentation that can explain this for me?

      Thank you