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    Contribute CS3 & FlashPaper

      I have just upgraded a user from an older version of Contribute to Contribute CS3 and FlashPaper is no longer installed.

      Does Contribute CS3 no longer come with FlashPaper? If not, is there functionality in Contribute CS3 that can do the same thing that FlashPaper used to do.

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          I have the same issue.

          What do I do now? I use Flashpaper to create swf files from ppt and import them into our web database.
          Please advice as this is becoming an urgent problem.

          Do I need to buy Flashpaper standalone?
          I allready have it included in Studio 8
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            Atrozoom Level 1
            Sorry Pal, I'm in the same boat and it look like Adobe has given the big "Screw You" to faithful Macromedia customers using Flash Paper. Their answer to the problem is to "Install Flash Paper on a supported operating system."

            I guess it doesn't matter that it creates files about half the size of PDF files. If you want to upgrade to anything it will have to be Acrobat. As for me, I'm going to keep my old Windows XP box for the sole purpose of running Flash Paper. My big "Screw You" to Adobe.
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              Julian Mitchell
              Hi, I have just done the same, downloaded Contribute CS3 with the promise of a Flash Paper print driver but I can't find it. In the application, in the Configuration folder there is a flash paper folder with an 'authplay.dll' and 'authplayLib.bundle' - are these print drivers? Is there any other way to get Flash Paper for the Mac?
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                One Minute Tip
                Once you install any CS3 application on a Macintosh. Selecting File > Print from most applications will display "Flashpaper" as one of your printer choices. This will create an .swf flashpaper document.
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                  BerlyMeister Level 1
                  What processor do you have? I am finding no evidence of Flashpaper working on a Mactel. VERY frustrated. The driver is still there from my previous version it looks like it is going to work then errors.
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                    I've heard a lot of heartbreaking cries of abandonment in this thread, and in most other threads in the Flashpaper forum, but NO SOLUTIONS!

                    Clearly Macromedia gave us the heave-ho without so much as a "Dear John/Jane" letter. Perhaps they did, but we can't read it using our orphaned software? I share in your pain. And outrage.

                    But has anyone found a way to carry on?

                    IS there something in C3 we can use? Or a way to use Flashpaper in Vista and Office 2007? (a solution OTHER THAN "don't use Vista or Office 2007")
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                      ghorsman Level 1
                      Unfortunately, there is no support for FlashPaper for Windows Vista or for Intel-based Macs and neither will work. You'll need to install your current FP on a computer running Windows XP or on a Mac with a G3, G4 or G5 processor. The option to choose FlashPaper in the Print dialog box in Mac OS X on an Intel Mac is still there, but it will fail to work. I don't know about Vista's issue with the FlashPaper print driver, but I'm going to guess that it won't work at all.

                      Obviously, a lot of people are upset about this, including me. I had no idea what FP did when I first installed Macromedia Studio 8, but was pleasantly surprised by its potential once I figured it out. It's an obscure piece of software, but a great way to bridge print documents with Flash. Let's just hope Adobe decides to port it over to our modern platforms.
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                        CPMMUG Level 1
                        FlashPaper is no longer included with Contribute - in particular CS3. It doesn't matter what operating system you have (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Apple Mac) - it's a software version change with Contribute CS3.

                        To my knowledge, there is no Adobe supported way in which to have FlashPaper installed without a FlashPaper standalone version license. So everyone who was using FlashPaper as a part of Contribute is SOL after an upgrade to CS3.

                        In my opinion, Adobe is slowly killing FlashPaper, and it's support, for a return to focus on Adobe (Acrobat) Reader.
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                          Originally posted by: Mshikaji
                          Or a way to use Flashpaper in Vista and Office 2007? (a solution OTHER THAN "don't use Vista or Office 2007")

                          I am running Vista Home Premium, and have Studio 8 (including Flash Paper) installed. I don't use Contribute, but have been able to run Dreamweaver , Fireworks, and Flash Paper. Flash Paper does have some problems though, especially when I try to print a webpage to PDF and the page contains frames. Also, I have Office 2007 installed, and am having problems trying to print a docx to PDF. For the most part, it is running okay, just sometimes it does not work properly.

                          I have to agree with majority of posters here. Adobe has pretty much discontinued (to put it nicely) FP... so they don't feel the need to support those that still use it, as well as any other Macromedia products. Their only answer seems to be to purchase their CS3 products. *sigh*
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                            Andrew Bates - Softrak
                            Hello all,

                            I was using Flashpaper with Contribute, and I really appreciated the user interface. It was the only "print to screen" device driver I'd seen that didn't ask for a file name before the printout was displayed. It was great for demos!

                            Can anyone suggest a printer driver that just displays the printout without prompting for any file name before the display is generated?
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                              Vista ultimate and Flash Paper2. Managed to make it to work. I'm using it with office 2007. Print from your document or export from context menu to flash or pdf. Opent print manager, choose your flash paper printer then cancel the print. It will start export your document. i am not sure if it works for anyone, but it works for me so i thought that it can give you also a chance. Good luck and hope to have more productive software to buy for the future to come. Otherwise this software is superb and easy to use.
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                                Andrew Bates - Softrak Level 1
                                Thanks or the post.

                                I moved to CutePDF which works the way I want (report display without asking for a file name).