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    Dynamically populate a datagrid

      Hello Everyone,

      I asked this question about a week ago but got no answers. I think it's probably the way I asked it so I am going to try to clarify it and hope someone can offer help.

      I have a datagrid control bound to an HTTPService. It works fine. What I need to do is bind this same datagrid control to a DIFFERENT HTTPService when a button is clicked. Nothing about the layout of the control will change - only the data.

      Is there a way to do this?
      If so, how can I do it?

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          DigiMan74354 Level 1
          Hello Again,

          I believe I've figured it out but am still in the testing stage. Here is the code I've come up with.

          1: I have an HTTPService called showNewFolder that calls the showNewFolder.php file.

          2: On my buttons click() event I am calling the showNewFolders() function.

          3: This is my showNewFolders() function:

          public function showNewFolders():void{

          I believe this will work but will report back once I test it.

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            Rahul Mainkar Level 1
            Hi Anthony i think that double quotes are not necessary in the following