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    Export frame

    Ale Ricci Level 1

      Hi all, is it possible to export a frame of the sequence using the SDK, implementing what a used can do using the Export Frame command?

      Thank you in advance.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Ale,


          It should be possible using scripting.  Bruce Bullis can share more details.

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            Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

            Hello, Ale!


            An ExtendScript script (.jsx file) or HTML5 panel (which calls ExtendScript) can do that. Please write me directly, and I'll get you a sample script (and panel) which do so.



            b b b at adobe dot com


            Reason for not just posting a sample script: There is a way of doing it, that would work, in 7.x. However, there is a much BETTER way of doing it in the version we <ahem> technology-previewed at NAB, which will be generally available, Really Soon Now™. Unless you're very pressed for time, we recommend you wait for the newer better way.