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    InDesign-CC: Selection Tools Not Working

    dean_pironi Level 1

      When I am moving quickly between tools and objects, all of a sudden the tool gets stuck on the hand tool and will not change or function. I have looked into multiple reasons. It is not prefs/cache or anything like that. I also thought maybe my wireless keyboard was the fault.


      However, I think I have stumbled across something. Normally I have to restart to resolve the problem, however, again just now the problem happened as I had dragged about 10 images into the InDesign window as I quickly hit the keys to place in a grid. Bang, the problem occurred again. I hit the escape key in frustration. Nothing happened. As I have two monitors I clicked into a browser window to search to complain or find a solution or something as I am going mad!!!. However, after about 30 seconds, I decided to restart so I clicked back to InDesign only to discover the tool was back to normal and I could switch tools etc.


      This makes me believe the problem is either with Mavericks (not convinced) or is an issue in CC that is very slow when performing other tasks like moving within a window whilst switching tools.


      I have read so many posts with people saying its user error or something. Not true. I am a power user and fly around in InDesign. This is definitely a CC issue in my opinion, and to be honest, I wish I could get some kind of response from adobe.


      In the meantime, patience is the only remedy, but it is slowing me down, and time is money… which I am losing.


      Any one have a constructive response?@