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    Some backgrounds are blank

      When recording a captivate session guiding users through the use of an application, some of the backgrounds are blank, although the mouse clicks etc still operate.
      Can someone please explain what is causing this?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi ProudAussie and welcome to our community

          Sometimes this happens when you record web based applications. Captivate is running on your PC and is very quick to grab a screen when you click. And sometimes, the screen it grabs hasn't had time to be totally filled with content, as it's being shipped from the server.

          You need to listen for the camera shutter sound. When you begin noticing that the process seems to fail at certain spots, supplement the automatic recording with additional screen captures by pressing the Print Screen key.

          Keep in mind that it's always way easier to delete what you don't need than it is to add in what was missed.

          Cheers... Rick
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            I just had a similar problem. I started to record (initiating a program using a desktop icon) and stopped after the main window displayed. It is not a web-based application, and the even weirder thing is that the storyboard and filmstrip display properly -- but the actual slides are blank except for captions.

            Any thoughts/suggestions?