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    InDesign CS5.5 and Acrobat X crashing OS X system when making large pdf


      All of a sudden my mac has taken to crashing when I use ID CS5.5 to make a pdf. It seems to be mainly when making a larger pdfx1-a for repro. I've been doing this daily for months, no problem. Suddenly two days ago it became a problem. You send the pdf to export and a few seconds later, black screen followed by grey screen with the 'your mac has been restarted because of a problem' message. ID then takes ages to re-load.


      Neither ID nor Acrobat have updated to cause this, as far as I know, and nothing changed in thr system at that time.


      I've tried trashing ID's prefs and cache files, and trashing the Acrobat prefs as well, but it still happens.


      I'm on 10.9.2, Mac Mini with fusion drive and 16GB RAM.


      Anyone had this or got any ideas, please?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas.