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    Baggage Files Problems

      My trouble began when I was asked to remove underbars from a directory path and htm file names. I renamed the files and of course the link was broken in the baggage file directory. I have since added the new files to the baggage folder but cannot delete the old baggage files (pdf's). Also, now when I try to generate a primary layout to webhelp, the pdf's aren't showing up in the sidebar.

      Any suggestions?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Would I be right in thinking that the underscores were changed using Windows Explorer? If correct, then basically you have made the changes without RoboHelp's knowledge so it has lost track of everything, not surprisingly. It has a database and if you make changes like that in RH, then it knows about them and can make all the right changes.

          To correct that it should only be necessary to go back to Windows Explorer and reverse the change.

          If you did make the changes in RH then you may need to edit the rhbag.apj file. Click here. Whilst your problem is not caused by the bug, the solution will be the same and you will need to remove things rather than add them. Do this while the project is closed and backup a copy first.

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            Thank you, Peter. I removed the old baggage files with a text editor as you suggested. That took care of that!
            Any suggestions on the primary layout toc sidebar not including the baggage files. The pdfs were included within RH, are in the proper location but RH does not include anything beyond the TOC. No baggage files at all.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Curious as to why you have two usernames?

              I am not quite sure what you mean by the PDFs not showing up in the TOC. What is it that you have set up?
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                whit@work Level 1
                Two usernames may have been due to confusion over passwords and the fact that I registered for the forum at work and then went home before receiving the email confirmation at work. I then registered a user name at home. (I think )

                I have resolved the problems by having restoring a backup. Fortunately no work should be lost. What was happening though is that in the compiled webhelp, http://www.dot.state.fl.us/structures/StructuresManual/CurrentRelease/FDOTBridgeManual.htm
                three print versions are provided in the table of contents. After I changed the path and file names outside of RH, the three "print versions" weren't showing up.

                Since restoring the backup, all works well and I have made the path and file name changes within RH.

                Thanks for the help!