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    Copy and paist from one comp to another




      I have just been playing with 3d text and tracking motion,im reletivlely happy with my comp.


      Is it possible to copy and paist the the 3D text that I have built into the new comp or do I have to recreate each time?


      Also after tracking motion I get a "No depth from tripod solve warning" on triangle. Is there anyway to sue shadow catch when this happens?





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can copy and paste layers, all layers, from one comp to another. If you have used Camera Tracking to place your text then you'll also need to copy and place the camera because that is where the motion info is. The text layer is just sitting there.


          No depth from tripod solve means that the shot did not have enough of a parallax shift to make any calculations. 3D camera tracking will not work on all shots. You need to plan your shots to take maximum advantage of this tracking system. No tracker will work on all footage.


          If we knew what you were trying to do with some kind of description of, or better yet, the actual footage you are trying to track we could be of more help.

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            Philipmcgouran Level 1

            Hi Rick


            Thanks for getting back to me.


            I filmed some handheld shots around the city with the intention of adding floating text.


            I moved the camera but didn't move my feet for the shots. Im having different results for each shot when motion tracking.


            Below is an example of the first track I added text to. Im going to try and add a shadow to the building but as I'm mentioned the shadow catcher won't work for this shot.