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    Merging different files into one project.


      Hi, I am trying to merge 6 separate files together into one. 3 are basically .ppt slides with animation, 2 are interactive demonstrations, and 1 is a quiz. Because of the screen size of the software I was capturing, the interactive demonstrations are at a different size than the .ppt slides. I thought about defining a link to open the 2 demonstrations in a new window, but haven't been able to make that work yet. Also, one demonstration is published as a SWF file, while the others are HTML5.


      If you have any suggestions on the best way to proceed with this (and succeed!), I would be appreciative. I am using Captivate


      Thanks for your help,


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          You are still using the first version of 6, which was really buggy. Please upgrade ASAP to the version ending on 240, update is free and was released in October 2012.

          If you want quality you better create everything in the same resolution that you want to have when published. PPT is very weird, because you cannot choose a resolution, size is done in print units (in or cm) instead of screen units (pixels). I never understood that MS logic at all, must be me.


          Either you can resize slides (Modify, Rescale) but be prepared to have quality loss, especially if you want to upscale because CP is all about bitmap. There are several options when rescaling.


          Another approach: http://blog.lilybiri.com/create-and-use-a-knockout-master-slide



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            lclough7 Level 1

            Thank you. I'm in the process of getting upgraded. Could this also explain issues with audio when viewing the published content (as well as other glitches...)? Curious if it makes sense to hold off on figuring out the audio problem until I have the upgraded version. (The presentation continues as it should but without audio.)


            - Lisa