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    Collapse Transformations?  Pre-compose?  How to get this 3D text effect that I desire; 3d letters with a 3d border that extrudes farther than the fill.

    CyJackX Level 1

      Here is essentially what I'm trying to do:



      I'm trying to create 3D metallic text that has a border on it that extrudes farther than the fill.


      What I've done so far is...


      1.  Created the Text Layer

      2.  Duplicated it.

      3.  Given them both metallic texture jpegs which I alpha track-matted, then pre-composed

      4.  So now I have two compositions, "Border", and "Fill".


      I know I want the Border to extrude farther than the fill.  But hitting 3d on these compositions only gives me...well...not what I want.


      I've tried a bunch of different combinations and don't really know where to go.  Any advice?  It's essentially manipulating a 3D Stroke...