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    Where are rulers and guides?

    yancowles Level 1

      New to captivate but it doesn't seem to have a simple feature like rulers and guides - am I missing something?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          All you have is a grid and an ability to turn it off or on and choose whether to lock.


          In recent versions I do believe there are new "temporary" guides that pop into view to aid in alignment. But no guides and rulers.


          Perhaps consider asking for them via the link below:



          Cheers... Rick

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            yancowles Level 1

            Thanks Rick, I figured as much.
            As a GA who's been thrust into this maelstrom I'm finding the lack of such a feature highly unusual - surely this is 101 for any software in which one would be attempting to arrange elements in a cohesive manner.
            I can't see the grid, presumably because of some background element obscuring it and the smart guides are almost utterly useless.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, all I can do is report what is there.


              We are now in version 7 of the software and from a logical standpoint, it's more like version 12 (factoring in all the different incarnations) and we have never had rulers or guides.


              As for the grid, you have clicked View > Show Grid?




              Cheers... Rick

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                yancowles Level 1

                As i said previously, the grid is obscured by a background panel which nixes this feature.


                I've been using the x, y coordinates where possible but encountering many cases where I would normally stick a guide on if I were in a prog that had this feature.


                No worries, I shall endeavour to persevere etc.




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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Please, enter a feature request. I have been doing that since multiple versions, cannot understand why Rulers, Guides are missing in Captivate. As you point out, that grid is almost useless, especially when you have a dark background, because the color cannot be changed. Rulers and Guides will only ascend on the priority list if many users are entering a feature request, which has not been the case until now.



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                    yancowles Level 1

                    OK, feature request submitted for ignoring.


                    'Why is this feature important to you?'
                    Oh dear.


                    Having used captivate in anger for a live project for the first time I can say without equivocation that it has some of the most horribly irritating quirks of anything I've used that's not a beta version made by some young people in a garage.

                    I appreciate that it does the business functionally but as a GA who's attempting to be productive, it can quite drive one to distraction. I presume other people have pointed these things out but, hey, I want to vent too.

                    • Why does the focus constantly jump to the top level of the slide?
                    • Why when copy and pasting a slide does it revert all the carefully named layers to generic titles? Perhaps it could simply add 'copy' on the end or something else helpful instead of creating a bunch of unnecessary work.
                    • Why, when naming a layer with a disallowed title, does it automatically lose focus on the field when it would be much more useful to remain in place thereby avoiding endless clickage?
                    • Why can't I hide/show child layers within a group?
                    • Why do shortcuts only work intermittently?
                    • Why only bmps as caption backgrounds?
                    • Why is it nigh on impossible to successfully create or update custom bmps for above?
                    • Why do fonts appear fuzzy on output?
                    • Why do I have to select the timeline part of a layer to change the stack order or similar when I should be able to select the layer name for the same purpose as well?
                    • Why are some pop up selection lists not expandable?
                    • Why don't newly created actions appear straightaway in a list instead of having to click on some other element and then return to the list whence it will then become available.

                    Anyway, that's it for now although I'm sure there's a few other little quirks that I've missed here.

                    As for submitting as a bug report or feature request, yes, I could do this but considering I've been told this an actual v12 of the software, I can't see why stuff like this wouldn't have been ironed out way back if there's was a commitment to improving the user experience.

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                      Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                      I'm just a user like you, and recognize every issue you mention in the list, and could even extend it way longer. Most of them (not sure about all) I have been pointing out multiple times in feature/bug requests. But it seems that they only apply to, or have been reported only by very few 'power users', whereas the big majority of the users do not see them as a problem. Should we give up? Maybe. I'm a bit stubborn and repeat all the time those (sometimes small) annoying quirks that are disturbing for 'my' work flow, but maybe not for others. And it is not only the case for Captivate, even big brother 'Photoshop' has some quirks that make me always cursing, just because being in Belgium I'm using an AZERTY keyboard and lot of shortcuts are not usable in the English PS version. Again, since I am also in a minority there, I try to find workarounds, even though they make me lose time.


                      No problem about your venting, and maybe you appreciate that this forum is not censored at all, and everyone can vent as much as he/she wants. At least something positive, right?