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    Copy text from one comp into another?

    Philipmcgouran Level 1



      I have just finished my first attempt at 3d ectruded floating text.


      I want to now start another comp and track motion like in the first comp, and use the extruded text I built from my first comp.


      When I copy excluded text across it just come out flat. I know im supposed to bring the camera info with it but I don't fully understand the process.





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. Your new comp must be set up to used Ray-traced rendering
          2. You must either copy and paste the camera from the first comp to the new comp or reset the position property of the text so you can find it
          3. Then Camera Tracking info is applied to the camera, not the text so there will be no motion in the copied text layer

          Here's what goes on when you do Camera Tracking. There are a bunch of points in the shot you are analyzing that are picked by the system. The change in parallax between these points over time is used to estimate the camera movement, lens angle of view, and lens distortion of the camera used to take the shot so that you can create a virtual camera in your project that matches the movement and angle of view of the original camera. Anything that is not a fixed, non moving element in the shot like people moving, cars driving down the road, trees blowing in the wind or birds flying around compromises the calculations and throws errors into the camera solution. A shot of a sea of people running through the street cannot be camera tracked unless there are things like buildings in the shot that can be used and the tracking marks attached to the people are removed because there is not enough fixed geometry in the shot to calculate camera movement.


          Once the camera has been calculated you need to add it to the scene and then, if you have the updated version of AE, a point of origin for the ground should be established. You can now  use a combination of 3 tracking points to establish locations in the shot to insert your 3D elements. You can use Text, Solids, or Nulls to establish the position of these elements.


          Here's the most important point. NO animation is applied to the 3D elements that are placed in the scene. They are static elements attached to the virtual geometry the camera tracking has calculated. The only thing in the project that is animated at this point is the camera. Once the camera has been solved you can remove the Camera Tracking effect from the project without effecting anything. If you run the analysis again you will have to delete the first camera, add a new one, reestablish the origin and replace all of the 3D elements you have added using the first solution to make things work.


          I hope this helps you understand the process.

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            Philipmcgouran Level 1

            Hi Rick


            Thanks so much for such a detailed response.


            Im just about to sit down and have a crack at it. Im going to follow your description step by step.


            Thanks again very much appreciated.





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              Philipmcgouran Level 1

              Hi Rick


              Apologies for annoying you again but I seem to have hit a road block.


              I actually managed to copy and paste the text almost straight away and it worked perfectly. However it was either a medical or a fluke because I can't seem to repeat the process.


              Do I copy the text and camera from the first comp to the new comp and then apply a camera or Null info to the old camera, then delete the camera form the new comp? How to I apply her position property info to the camera? I  also changed the comp to ray traced 3d.


              Im really scratching my head because it worked almost straight away for me the first time.











              Hoe do  position property