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    bullets and Transparent text boxes

    lforman Level 1

      I've checked out the postings already for this issue and appreciate Ricks tip on fixing the font blur issue. However, I have another bug with bullets in transparent text boxes.

      Upon preview or publish of a project, I see a ghost color (a little lighter) of my background color which is light blue . So, basically the text box is no longer transparent and looks really bad.

      Any ideas,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lisa

          Ummm, the original person to properly attribute with any sort of a fix with regards to the fuzzy text captions is fellow Adobe Community Expert Paul Dewhurst.

          What you are describing would seem to imply that anti-aliasing is still occurring with your text.

          By chance did you apply a background shading color to your text?

          Cheers... Rick
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            lforman Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Let me describe what is happening a little more clearly. Here is the basics so maybe you can reproduce it. I belive I did come up with a fix for myself.

            1) Add a background image to the slide that is merged not an overlay image
            - My image is a png file imported into the library and added to every slide. It has a solid light blue background with a dark blue strip on top and a brand from the client at the top left (very basic)
            2) Add a transparent text box caption
            3) Add text that includes bullet points

            Result: When you put a text caption with bullets over a slide background that is an image(even solid color) you get a ghost that oulines the text caption dimensions. If the text caption doesn't have bullets, the ghost outline doesn't appear, but the text is blurry. Obviously the text can be fixed by highlighting on character in #C0C0C0.

            My temporary fix: Because the ghost ouline seems to appear when a text caption with bullets is on top of a background image, I modifed my background image so that the light blue part (this is the area when all the content will be) is actually transparent and no longer a color. I then set color for all slides backgrounds to be the light blue that was origninally in my image. This seems to work, but there are some color fading issues that I need to explore and work out more.

            Thanks much and look forward to pushing the boundaries of Captivate once I my head around it more.

            P.S If I have a background image on each screen (branding and consistent purposes), when I set up a simulation, do I have to merge each screen shot into the background or can the screen shots created by Captivate just overlay my background image.

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              lforman Level 1

              It looks like my fix doesn't work. So if you set the project background to a color like light blue and then add a image background that includes areas that are transparent, when you publish you the areas that should show the light blue color from the project background setting is displayed as white.

              So, I am still trying to figure out how to fix this issue.