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    how do I embed into php ?


      Hi every one


      I am newborn in EA and I did my first work: a new menu for my web site.

      The file that I see is a "html", I need to embed the code in  "Top_menu.php" that is included in "default.php" and in the all other files of the site for my menu.


      Is there some possibility of do that?


      Thank you and best regards.



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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          1. Open your project file (.html) in a text editor and copy the header scripts encased below and paste them to the appropriate 'head' section of your target files.
          2. From the same Edge Animate project file (.html) copy the div with the id of Stage into your Top_menu.php file.
          3. From the folder structure of Edge Animate, copy the remaining associated files and folders and place them relative to the target location (usually the root folder).







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            ereides Level 1

            Hello Darrell and thank you for Your response.


            I wonder if could be possible to change the source of the SRC.PNG


            To the next:




            I tried and this not work, and this is a problem because sometimes there is some directory placed away from the root and in this manner may be more easy to work.


            Do you know why we cannot do it?


            Thank you again Darrell and best regards

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Then try placing the #3 file and folder items I captured above, into your /Menu folder.


              Remember, everything needs to be relative. You could scour the web for Relative vs Absolute linking examples.