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    Puppet Warp-style effect for animations?


      Hi everyone,


      I am new to After Effects, and I want to use it to make animations that I can later on play back in an interactive way.


      What I basically want, is to project an animation onto a physical shape with a beamer. This shape will have a certain profile and relief, so a "flat" animation will look pretty weird (it is not a flat surface). I want the animation to look smooth and consistent, so I quess I should morph the pixels of the animation. (fore-shortened parts for slanted surfaces)

      I know there are (non-animating) effects in Photoshop like transform, Puppet Warp and alike. But I would like to apply this transformation to the entire animation, instead of a single frame/image.


      My question is: is it possible to morph an entire animation in a Puppet Warp-ish way?


      Thanks in advance!


      Kind regards,


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Short answer, yes.  AE is for animating images. Any motion graphics or visual effect or animation you have seen in any movie, TV show, or commercial can be created in After Effects.

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            JeroenRood Level 1

            Okay, thanks! Should have tried out some effects before I posted the question here. Apologies. Warping an entire animation is rather easy: I just make an animated gif that would look good on a flat surface, and then I apply a mesh warp or some effect like that to the layer on the timeline. In this case, I warp without adding keyframes, so the animation is warped in the same way throughout the animation.


            Lesson learned: first dive into the software, THEN look for relevant questions and ask one..