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    From EXE to Flash. Need Answers Plz.

      Currently I have a game that is in 3D using OpenGL. I'm exploring the idea of posting this on the web, and so far the only Avenues that are open to me are Flash and ActiveX. I have been down the ActiveX route and its ugly. So I'm asking you guys for some help.

      My Project:
      - It is a 3D game which uses a physics engine to do collisions and movements. I have looked up a Physics library for flash that does exactly what I need called APE (Actionscript Physics Engine).
      - For the 3D drawing capabilities, I can use PaperVision's 3D rendering library to render all of my 3D geometry. I have seen that it can draw 3D fairly well for what I'm hoping to use it for.
      - Also, I'm looking into using Flex as the builder and for the availability of widgets for on-screen interaction.

      My Questions:
      - Is it possible to do what im asking?
      - Is Flex really necessary for widgets or should I just use something else?
      - Can AS3 accommodate the types of features a 3D based game has, such as realtime keyboard event capturing, Fast rendering, read/write form hard drive, SOAP/XML parsing?
      - Lastly, can all this be done using nothing but AS3 and without creating any sort of visual design using the Flash studio??

      Any answers/suggestions/comments are more then welcome. I greatly appreciate the help.
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          To the best of my limited knowledge it would seem to me that this would be just as ugly as the activex rout there will be a large amount of rebuilding necessery.

          However take this with a grain of salt for I am no expert at this.

          I however am shure that it is possible just the difficulty level is likely very high.