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    Issue with windows like properties, preferences

    Maison Missinak

      Hi !


      First of all please forgive me for my english is not very good. It is not my native language.


      I have problems with Flash Pro. When I try opening up a window to select things like transfrom to symbol, I can't click on anything. I have to travel with tab button then arrows to scroll to ''button'' in the list, tab again to insert the name of the button, then tab again to okay etc...


      Also, Adobe Flash Pro won't adjust to my screen resolution. I have to change my screen size to fit the Adobe window or I won't see like the last 1/3 of the window. It also results in making every character very small and really hard to read.


      If there is someone with the knowledge to fix this, you will be my hero!


      Thank you for your time!