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    AE 11.0.4 update failed - Mavericks


      So I updated to Mavericks yesterday and AE CS6, of course, did not work (error message: "You cannot use this version of CS6 with this version of OS X. You have 'Adobe After Effects CS6' 11.0").


      As per the many posts out there, I followed the instructions to install the 11.0.4 update to get AE CS6 working.  I got the following error message: "Update Failed.  Updates cannot be applied.  The patch is not applicable to you. Please check for updates from the Help menu in your product to see a list of the latest updates available".  I also tried backtracking and installing from 11.0.1 and so on.  Still no luck.


      I then tried to go thru CC Application Manager to update CS6 and it says that AE CS6 it is up to date!  Now I am thoroughly confused. Please help!