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    Newbie problem (2)

    ghijohansson Level 1
      I purchased PE 12 to edit a long project with .mts files.



      How do I minimize generation loss?


      Yes, I film with the highest bitrate the camcorder can handle, to minimize problems with generation loss.


      I plan to film about 300 gigabytes (25 hours) with .mts files. To create a 100 minutes long film with more than 1,000 hard cuts.


      This work is in all probability too long for one single project since I edit on a laptop. So I have in practice already decided to split it up into multiple smaller projects.


      So I plan to work like this. Use a few gigabytes with raw footage, wav files and stills to create videos which are about 1 minute long each. Then I put all these short videos in a separate project, simply put them one after the other on the timeline.


      PE 12 will need to encode, so it would not surprise me if there is some generation loss. So how do I minimize generation losses?


      As far as I can see, the best thing would be a program which simply joins each one of my short videos to the next one, but as far as I can see, PE 12 does not have the ability to join files without coding. Neither was any such program enclosed with the camcorder.


      If Windows moviemaker can join videos without transcoding, that would work because I have also that program on my laptop. But I have never seen any suggestion to use that program for this purpose, so I guess it can't.


      Yes, I understand that for distribution, I will need to transcode to multiple different video formats, which means generation losses. But i guess there is not anything I can do about that.