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    Crash issue


      Just upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and OS Mavericks. PS freezes ( crashes ) and I think its to do with openGL!  When I press "R' Hotkey to rotate then bang it goes. I've not had this issue with CS5 and Snow Leopard. I'm 10.9.2 and version13. Has anyone had this problem and can it be resolved?

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          I'm having the same issue except with CS5 and Mavericks. Working on a photo and screen goes black, hard drive has been checked out as all of my other hardware. Took it to Apple, and they're solution didn't fix the problem.

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            MacOS 10.9 still has many bugs as of yet unresolved.  As always, we are working with Apple to get the OS bugs fixed.


            Also, a crash and freeze are VERY different behaviors.

            Freeze: my car won't start.

            Crash: my car exploded on the highway during rush hour traffic.