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    PNG sequences and .OAMs


      I'm working on a digital magazine and my client wanted me to add some complex animations to some of the pages. Since I don't dominate Edge Animate I figured I could make the Animations in After Effects and then import the render into Edge. I read in another forum this was possible using Fireworks and Png Sequences, but it gives no information as to how to import the Sequence into fireworks in the first place which I have been unable to do so far. So my first question is, is there a way to import a render made from AE into Edge? I have no problem rendering the animations again as they are not that long.


      Secondly, I'm using edge to make animations that I'm exporting as OAMs to import into the InDesign Folio. So if I can't Import the render into Edge, is the a way I can import it directly into IDD? Keep in mind these animations take over the whole screen anyways so It's not a problem if they aren't interactive, so long as they play as soon as the page opens.


      Thanks a lot!

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, yes you will have to import your images in fireworks. Just start a new animation in fireworks. Choose png animation. Copy paste your layers or files into a different state for each one and when you are done, use the command export to Edge Animate. It works perfect. It will make a symbol that you will be able to import in Animate. This symbol just adds the display on/off for your png files.

          You can also do this manually as explained in another post.