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    Dreamweaver CC not showing images


      I have been using DWCC without problems. However, last night I opened one of my domains and none of the images are showing in templates or regular files. I checked the "pics" folder on my server and it was intact with correct permissions. I checked the "Site Manager" setting for the pertinent domain and it was properly configured for the images path. I checked to ensure that my CSS file had not changed; it hadn't. I tried the CSS file in another domain's templates and it works fine. The other domains I work on are displaying images without any problem. I have deleted the domain's site cache, recreated the domain's site cache a number of times, all to no avail. I can click on an image placeholder on a template page, find the image on the same path I stated in the "Site Manager" and the image then shows without problem. I get no error codes or other indication that the images are not available. This morning I deleted the DWCC installation, downloaded and installed it again without any change in the problem. The actual domain site is displaying and working properly. Anyone have any ideas about what might be the problem?