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    attachMovie instance name

    NickTheNameless Level 1
      the code below attaches instances of a movie clip named "item", places it on the stage as according the instruction in the function name placer, and then loads images into the clip via an xml file.

      as the code stands now, it's placing all the images in the same spot, with the x coordinate = -50 and the y coordinate = -50. in the placer function i would like to place each clip on the stage according to it's instance name. how do i do that? i've tried using the instance name that the attachMovie line gives it ("item"+i), but it doesn't work. i learned this coding from a tutorial that explained the use of the home variable, it doesn't work when trying to call these instance names. i ran a trace on the depth of each movie clip at the bottom of the code and the output panel said the clips being added to the movie in this for loop don't even have a name.

      i would like to give the x and y coordinates to the clip that will be named item0, then different coordinates to item1, and so on. how do i do this?