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    Newbie CFBuilder Question

    Shane McMurray

      Hi, new to CFB and I'm have a difficult time trying to import a project from an existing code directory.


      I've tried the following


      >> import > other > existing project as new project


      When I do this, it creates a folder in my default workspace directory but none of my code is there. and it won't let me edit the project file location. the edit option in the resources is greyed out.


      >> File view > go to location > right click > promote to project


      Same issue as above


      I've searched around and tried other suggestions but they all seem to say what I tried above.


      I've been using DW for a long time so, maybe its obvious and I'm just missing it? or should be thinking about this differently?


      Basically, CF is installed with IIS, code is on a location of my hd, IIS points to each folder, I use tortoise svn to check in and out, edit code in DW, and test in browser.


      Should I instead, install CFB with built in CF, create a project and check out code from svn, run everything from CFB and forget about installed CF, IIS, and code in specific location?


      or How can I import my existing code into a project and leave it in its current location with current setup?


      thanks in advance for your help.

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Rather than trying to use import (which should be used to import existing CFBuilder or Eclipse projects into the workspace), you want to create a new project.  Go to File > New > ColdFusion Project.  Enter a project name, and uncheck the "Use Default Location" box.  Then navigate to the parent directory of your code the "Project Location".  Set the "CFML Dictionary Version" to the version of ColdFusion you are using, and click Next.  Assuming you already have a ColdFusion server configured in the Servers part of CFBuilder, pick it from the "Select Server" pulldown.  Click Next and Finish (unless you need to add some of the add-ins listed on the last dialog window).  You should now have a working CFBuilder project.


          -Carl V.

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            Shane McMurray Level 1

            Thank you Carl! I was going nuts for a couple of hours trying to figure that out...