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    embedded sound works while testing it in flash pro cs6


      Embedding the sound in a file It is a short sound file and a image when I publish preview the sound works perfect when I export the image or when I export into a movie I have no sound. at all. Im using Flash professional cs6 There has been no updates to the system . Its running on windows 7 professional with service pack 1 with .net framework 4 on it last update on this system was 4 months ago and I used the program a month ago and it worked then. any ideas would be great. I have looked into every thing I can think of I have checked sound drivers unistalled an reinstalled and updated them. I have no problem with the sound when Flash program is open and I am working on the image and sound file. Its just after I export the image Its embedded so there are no other files to go along with it. so any ideas would be great . I would even be willing to loose all my setting and go back to factory default settings.