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    Color replacement


      My question ultimately becomes, Can color be replaces in a way which retains the differences in well lighted vs poorly lighted areas?


      The situation is that I photographed a music recital which had two musicians, a piano player and a violinist. Both were wearing blackL the pianist was wearing a shirt and slacks, the violinist was wearing a black dress. The piano was also black.


      There is a problem with the prints which I received from the lab which processed the photos with Photoshop. The guy's clothing and the piano remain black, but the violinist's dress has turned blue. This occurs even in shots which show them in close proximity.


      OK, I'm guessing that is something in the dress's cloth which is in fact blue.


      Can I have the blue replaced with black - and have the black retain the difference in hue between areas which receive a lot of light and areas which are deep in the folds of the dress?


      Or - and this would be my very first choice -  Can I have the blue replaced with a black which is completely black in the folds of the dress, but has blue highlights where the dress receives a lot of light?

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          Sure, you can do all of that, but well, frankly, you are losing yourself in vagueries and it's clear that you are panicking because your experience in PS is limited. So for what it's worth, provide a version of the image so people can have a look at it and then some technical info like what version of PS you actually use, where the image originated (camera type and develop settings in ACR) and so on. This could be as trivial as brushing over a local correction in Camera Raw, but at the same time could require more involved procedures with selections and color corrections in PS itself.