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    Incomplete Installation.


      Hi there,


      I am facing a little situation during the installation of Adobe Creative Suite CS6.  I joined an organization and they gave me a machine, Creative Suite set up and a license key.  All went well and the whole suite was properly installed.  2 months later, my machine was replaced. I used the same set up and license key to install CS 6 on the new machine.  At the end of the installation, I got the following message "The product you are trying to install is not an Adobe Genuine Software and appears to be counterfiet". So I connected with Adobe and their representative told me that I had to un-install the software from the previous machine, and then install it in the new one. I did the as I was instructed.


      Now, on the new machine, I have all CS products except Flash, Photoshop, illustrator.  When I re run the set up, each time I get the same "Software counterfeit" error m