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    Why does my audio stop at 59 minutes 35 seconds into a five-hour clip?


      I like to record football games off air using a Hauppauge HVR-1250 and WinTV7.  Most of my recording work without issue, but I have two where the audio just stops a specific amount of time into the clip imported.  The specific clip to which I am referring is 4:59:56 long.  If I play the clip on Windows Media Player or on WinTV7, the audio is there through the entire clip.  When I import the clip into Premiere Elements 12.1, the audio stops at 00:59:35.  I can see the audio tracks in the editing window continuing to the end of the clip, there's just no audio ouput after 00:59:35.  I have this happen on another clip, import size 3:59:55, audio stops at 3:12:45.  This clip also plays fine in Windows Media Player and WinTV7.  I thought it may have something to do with the length of the clip, but I've been able to import and edit a clip 4:13:38 seconds in length.  Machine info is Intel i5 with 8GB RAM (RAM is 89% utilized when editing this clip). Processing is spread across three local drives.  C: has 9GB free, E: has 70GB free and K: has 52GB free.  The clip appears to import ok, although it takes a while.

      Comments and suggestions welcome.