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    500 Null - Help

      I need some help on loading the second phase on CF Install. I am currently getting this 500 Null blank page after the CF Admin logon. In the CF event log on my MAC 10.4.9 server: user failed to load: flex.compiler.MxmlServlet, error Could not pre-load servlet: CFMxmlServlet, [1]java.lang.LinkageError: Class javax/xml/namespace/QName violates loader constraints etc...is there someone out there that knows how to over come this problem...On my client stations it works fine. javascript:emaillink(document.messagepostform.FTVAR_MESSAGETEXTFRM);document.messagepostf orm.FTVAR_MESSAGETEXTFRM.focus(); Help
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          DAVIDFON Level 1
          I ran into similar issues and it was because Java had run an update to version 1.5. The latest version supported is version 1.4.2. So you simply need to open your terminal application and update the Alias to point to the 1.4.2 version.

          I found a few links referencing this but the simplest one that worked for me is Listed below as well as linked to the source.

          One more note - I had to re-install after making the change. But using CF 7.0.1 after making the change, the instillation ran smooth as silk.

          Hope it helps

          First change directory, and run the ls command to view your versions by typing the following command in your terminal application:

          cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/
          ls -l

          You should see up to version 1.5

          Your VM version is the one linked to by the CurrentJDK symbolic link. If 1.5.0 is the current VM, you can change to 1.4.2.

          sudo rm CurrentJDK
          sudo ln -s 1.4.2 CurrentJDK

          This isn't destructive and doesn't remove the 1.5 install, just points the VM to use the previous Java 1.4.2 installation.


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            gbismarc Level 1
            Thanks for your help...I'll try the changes...and get back with you
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              gbismarc Level 1
              Great...I'm up and running...thanks again!