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    FLVPlayback + Flex 2

    g00fymad Level 1
      Hi to all.

      Can someone explain to me how to use the FLVPlayback control that is in Flash CS3 in Flex. I was under the impression that i could reference the SWC for this control in Flex and it would be available to me in MXML. When i do this i get and error

      unable to load SWC FLVPlaybackAS3.swc
      at flex2.compiler.swc.SwcCache.getSwc(SwcCache.java:230)
      at flex2.compiler.swc.SwcCache.getSwcs(SwcCache.java:151)
      at flex2.compiler.swc.SwcCache.getSwcGroup(SwcCache.java:78)
      at flex2.compiler.swc.SwcCache.getSwcGroup(SwcCache.java:67)
      at flex2.compiler.CompilerSwcContext.load(CompilerSwcContext.java:52)

      Can anyone offer a solution please?