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    Sound Problem


      Hi. I have a file which contain 10 different scenes in it. In each scenes, there are narrations and buttons to go to the next scene. When i click the next button before the narration ends it will continue playing on in the next scene. What should i do for the narration to only stay at their own respective scene?

      Thank you.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          How are you dealing with each sound? Are they embedded into a timeline layer? or are you creating individual sound objects? Are you using AS2 or AS3?


          The simplest solution is probably to just stop the sound in the scene that you are leaving as you move to the new scene. In AS2 the command is stopAllSounds(); in AS3 it is SoundMixer.stopAll(); also include this line, import flash.media.SoundMixer; to include the sound mixer actionscript.

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            MelisaYing Level 1

            Hello Rob. I am currently using CS6  with AS3 and yes, the sound is embedded into a timeline layer. After i include SoundMixer.stopAll(); and import flash.media.SoundMixer; , there is no sound when i debug it. What should i do?

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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              Do you get any errors? Where are you putting that code? The SoundMixer.stopAll(); should go in the button code that takes you to a new scene.