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    Extension manager frozen


      I have newly installed Photoshop CC and Extension Manager CC on my Mac. I have a time-sensitive need to install a "plug in" and when I open Ext Manager, it's completely frozen. All I see is the white clock.


      BTW, Photoshop is NOT listed on the left side...

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          I have the same problem (extension manager CC on Mac OsX 10.9.2). When I start the app the white clock appears... and nothing else... i can't do anything...

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            Carl Sun Level 4

            Please try to run EM as administrator firstly.

            1. Restart your mac.

            2. Run "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app".

            3. Input the following command then press "Return" key. Don't miss the double quotation marks.

               sudo "/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CC/Adobe Extension Manager CC.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Extension Manager CC"

            4. Input password of administrative user then press "Return" key.

            If it works, you can try to run EM in normal way.


            If it doesn't work, please launch "/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.app" and repair disk permissions then startup Extension Manager.

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              yeahyeahyeah777 Level 1

              Same here. Terminal and Disk Utility changes doesn't work. Please help.

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                Carl Sun Level 4
                Please generate log files and send them to exman.beijing@gmail.com.



                1. In Terminal window, run the following commands in turn:

                   cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Extension\ Manager\ CC/

                   mkdir Log

                   cd Log

                   touch ExManCoreLibLog.YES


                2. Open Finder, hold down "option" key, click menu "Go"->"Library" to go into hidden Library folder, then go to its subfolder "Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Log", check whether file ExManCoreLibLog.YES exists.


                3. Launch EM.


                4. After EM hangs, force quit it, send all log files in the Log folder above to us.