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    RoboHelp HTML "Out of Memory" error

    ODoyle Rules Level 1
      Hello everyone,

      I'm working on the project directly off my C drive, i'm using RoboHelp 5.02 and i have .99 GB of memory

      Last Friday i was working on a project and i pressed the "Save" button and RoboHelp froze. RoboHelp froze for about 15 mins or so then finally it gave me an error message. The error message was an out of Memory, i had to click multiple times to get rid of the message and then it gave a run time error and finally it cloesed RoboHelp on it's own. I rebooted, re-opened the project and it said the CPD file was corrupted and to delete it and re-open the project.

      I deleted the CPD file, re-opened the project and it opened and froze again. I thought it was suppose to re-generate the project files. After about 15 mins or so it gave me a "Out of Memory" error again and i noticed my computer was really slow. So i did control alt delete to open up the task manager and i noticed 2 RoboHelp projects open but i ONLY opened up one project.

      So i re-booted again, this time i didn't open anything else but RoboHelp and the task manager and roboHelp was trying to open the project and on the task manager the second RoboHelp project opened and again i got a "Out of Memory" error.

      Can anyone please provide a solution or suggestion on how to resolve this issue? Why is there 2 RoboHelp programs opening?

      I have opened up a few other projects with the Task Manager open and it never opened up 2 RoboHelp programs.

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          Don't know if this will help, but I've come across a similar prob when generating the file. I was getting C:: (yes 2x colons!) and am out of memory & disk space msg.
          Yes the PC does grind to a halt when there are problems - get 'task-manager' up an running and just watch the "graph' showing processor and memory use. Bet it's sitting at 100%, it should be around (well it was on my PC), 50-60%.
          Peter G. recommended I try this (and it worked):
          Make a copy of RH's "Printed Documentation' template (just to be on the safe-side).
          Now use this duplicate to generate the file, and use All the default options - eg path etc (SSL!). You can use the conditional flags to choose the required sections.
          Might work.?

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I can't relate any of the answers I have given you to the problem described here. Maybe you mean to create a new single source layout before generating?