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    flash player update

    dr d

      i repeatedly get the message that flash player may need to be updated evan after i update i still get the message and it will not let me do a google search.  This happens on my windows 7 pc and android.f

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          Mike M Level 6

          There is no Flash Player for Android, so you CAN'T update that.

          If you're using IE11 with Windows 7, you're probably seeing the result of...

          "User-Agent Strings"


          That doesn't mean a lot, I'm sure, but it's the root of your problems, and Flash Player has nothing to do with it.


          Microsoft "rewrote" the User-Agent Strings for the abomination they call their latest and greatest browser (Read more here).

          User-Agent Strings are what websites use to identify the browser you're using and provide the proper content for it's browser engine, like ActiveX stuff, and Flash or HTML5 video.

          Thanks to the geniuses in Redmond, WA, the User-Agent Strings for IE11 (which has a Trident engine), ID it as either "Gecko" (Firefox) or "Webkit" (Chrome).

          Trouble is: when the site the directs to the content for one of these two engines, the Trident engine in IE can't interpret it and the site then sees IE as an "unidentified" browser.

          The problem with an unidentified browser is that the plug-ins in that browser aren't recognized either, so even though you're up to date, it says you need the latest Flash Player when you use IE11.

          YouTube... has converted to HTML5 video so if it doesn't detect Flash Player, it can display HTML5 (MP4) video which requires no plug-in to play.

          Facebook can't do that, because HTML5 doesn't apply to games... only video.

          Microsoft has no plans to "fix" the mess they've created because they think it's a great idea to block you out of the websites you visit.

          They recommend using "Compatibility View" and pretending that you're using an older version of IE...

          The Problem with THAT is that it's seen limited success, and you have to enable it for EVERY page that has problems... individually.

          I'm not big on "pretending" so I recommend actually using another browser.

          Firefox (from Mozilla)

          Opera (from Opera)

          Safari (from Apple)

          Chrome (from Google)

          ANY of those will work where IE11 won't, with the Flash Player Plug-in (For all other browsers), and Chrome doesn't even need that, because it has its own Flash Player plugin built in.


          There is one other possibility, being as you're seeing this with multiple devices on multiple platforms..

          If you're seeing THIS:


          Specifically, "FlashPlayer Pro"... then you could be a victim of a router hack.

          Hackers have hacked 300000+ wireless routers, Check yours NOW!

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            dr d Level 1

            Thank you; however, I could not follow your link about being hacked.  I then called my router support and we went into the settings and no one has accessed our router.  My Google is now working w/o problems; however, bing and yahoo will not work and I am getting the flash player pro  update message.  Any other suggestions?

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              Mike M Level 6

              If you're still getting redirected to the Flash Player Pro page, your router IS compromised, in spite of what the support people tell you. To check it, disconnect your router and connect your computer directly through the modem. If you can get to Yahoo and Bing with no problems... the router is what was causing it. If it isn't a model that can be flashed and reloaded, then you'll have to replace it.

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                dr d Level 1

                Thanks; however, even after I connected straight to the modem the same message about flash player comes up with yahoo and bing.

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                  Mike M Level 6

                  Have you cleared your browser cache and history?

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                    dr d Level 1

                    I just did and that did not help.  When I switched to mobile data on my cell everything worked.  So I assume that it has to my network.  I assume that my next step is to contact my internet provider.  Correct?

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                      Mike M Level 6

                      Switching to mobile data connects directly through your cell provider. That would eliminate the modem or router from the equation, so yes... contact your ISP. Something in your connection is still "redirecting" your browser, and Flash Player is not capable of doing that.

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                        dr d Level 1




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                          maria__ Adobe Employee


                          That screen-shot is not from an Adobe page, furthermore, there is no such thing as Flash Player Pro, as Mike has mentioned. If someone has a link to that page, please send it to me and I'll forward it to the appropriate individuals to follow-up on.

                          Thank you in advance.




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                            dr d Level 1

                            The problem I was having was caused by my network provider.  I do not know what they did but everything is working well now.  I have attached screen shots when I was having the problem and 2 links for bing.   One that worked and one that did not.