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    New event about Retouching in Bilbao

    Diego (arketipo)

      I introduce you in the next project of our Adobe User Group (txokografi.co)



      The 28th of june, restoring memoirs in Bilbao

      I lost an important part of my family, but i have the skills to save their image.

      I have the hardware, the software (photoshop) and also the knowledge to digitalize, clean and restore it. I only need time to convert the old photographies in digital files.

      As you know, negatives, slides… disappear, dissolve or loss… but in the best case its life its limitated (50 years for color, and 100 for black and white aprox). So it is as valuable as this photo of my granma, you must put on the go.

      There is companies or professionals that do this, but that i'm proposing is other thing.



      1 old person + 1 designer + 1 photo = 1 story

      I'm looking for a moment to share, tell the story behind and image. An intergenerational encounter, and a way to show the magic of computer and photoshop. Win/win.

      We are recruiting designers, photographers, technicians… to help our old people to mantain a image, and restore, not only the image but also the story,

      This is not a commercial project… is social. I want to send back something that i they gave to me when i was a kid (education, attentions…) because i studied in public schools and university and want to return something of my kwonledge to the community.

      So, the 28th of june in Bilbao… me and a great team of proffesionals help our people to remember…  i'll tell you later with videos, photos or a post in my blog (arketipo.net) or in the AUG (txokografi.co).


      But if you need to know something or make the same in your community i help you if its neccessary.


      Get in touch, and hace a nice week.