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    Adobe Creative Cloud App


      I had recently bought the monthly student plan for Adobe Photoshop CC.  I originally started with the free trial of Photoshop CC, and also got the creative cloud app for the desktop.  When I tried to start up Photoshop CC, I got a message saying that my free trial had timed out, and suggested that I join creative cloud, which I already had done.  I then uninstalled Adobe Photoshop CC, so that I could reinstall the full version of Photoshop.  I tried to open the creative cloud app on my desktop to get the Photoshop program, but it wouldn't load all the different programs.  So I uninstalled the desktop app for creative cloud.  Then I went to Adobe's website to reinstall the creative cloud app, and the same thing occured.  The creative cloud app would not load the different photoshop programs availaible for download.  I uninstalled the program again, but then I couldn't even try to install the creative cloud app again.  The page for the creative cloud on Adobe's website won't load either.  So now I can not download creative cloud or photoshop CC.